Woman Shot 10 Times by Border Patrol Agent in California

Autopsy results are revealed in the death of Valeria “Munique” Tachiquin Alvarado

Valeria “Munique” Tachiquin Alvarado autopsy results have been released, revealing that she was shot multiple times by a border patrol agent, according to the Standard Journal.

The agent discharged ten bullets into the fleeing woman, causing 14 wounds. The 32-year-old Tachiquin Alvarado was gunned down in Chula Vista, California, UT San Diego reports.

Her family have filed a wrongful death claim with the Border Patrol, citing misconduct by officer Justin Tackett.

The 34-year-old Imperial County sheriff's deputy had been suspended four times prior to the incident, for crashing the squad car, suspects' rights violations and “false and misleading information during the investigation" of a case.

The shooting occurred on September 28, as Tackett was pursuing an arrest in Valeria's building. He claims she ran him over with his car, and fired his weapon in order to stop her.

Alvarado was still on probation for a drug-related crime from 2011. She was also found guilty of possession of methamphetamine in 2004, and for a DWI in 2000.

Until now, the officer has been backed by the National Border Patrol Council. Vice president Shawn Moran argues he acted in self-defense.

“If the agent says his life was threatened and he needed to use deadly force, we're going to back him and accept his statement at face value,” he says.

Tackett describes that he plummeted onto the vehicle's hood and shot her through the windshield as she wouldn't stop the car.

An eyewitness account relayed by Workers World puts her driving away, and the officer shooting at her. Witnesses have also stated that he never identified himself by showing a badge, nor was he wearing his uniform at the time.

“As the car was backing up, the officer was on the street walking towards the car and discharging [his weapon],” onlooker Prince Watson notes.

Valeria's husband, Gilbert Alvarado, is demanding the agent should face legal consequences over what he dubs an unjustified killing.

“Where is the evidence my wife threatened a trained officer? I want justice,” he pleas.

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