Woman Poisoning Roommate in Michigan Was Angry over Dirty Dishes

20-year-old Emily Joseph spiked her roommate's drink with bleach

19-year-old Kayla Ashlyn Bonkowski, a student at Central Michigan University, is facing criminal investigation after verbally admitting to putting bleach in her roommate's drink.

Michigan Live reports that she has been arraigned on felony charges of poisoning food, drink, medicine, or water supply. She pleads not guilty to the charges, and she is awaiting a preliminary hearing on December 13.

[admark=1]However, she said she "knew that spraying the bleach was a serious thing," after 20-year-old Emily Joseph consumed the ice tea spiked with the substance.

Her admission of guilt was made to first responder Trooper Douglas Hunt, according to a signed affidavit by state police Trooper Joe Richards.

Bonkowski blames her roommate, who she described as being "mean," for her actions. It appears the two argued over dirty dishes in the sink, Inquisitr writes.

If convicted, she could be going to jail for as long as 15 years. Had the roommate been injured, the maximum sentence would have been 25 years. She posted bail, set at $20,000 (€15,000), on Monday, December 3.

The board at CMU has acknowledged the incident, but no suspensions have been made at this point. Administrators are waiting for the end of the inquiry in order to make a decision.

“CMU is aware of the situation and is still awaiting a police report from the Michigan State Police, which is leading the criminal investigation … The university continues to collect information and will follow the provisions of the student code of conduct in addressing this matter,” their statement reads.

Isabella County Magistrate Sandra Straus ordered Bonkowski to seize all contact with the victim. For the moment, she is still allowed on campus. The judge permitted her to attend classes at CMU until the end of the semester.

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