Woman Outs Undercover Cop on Facebook, Gets Arrested

The woman was seeking revenge against officer who had arrested a friend of hers

30-year-old Melissa Walthall, from Texas, was arrested and charged with felony violation after she outed an undercover officer on her Facebook profile.

"Undercover Mesquite Narcotics. . Anyone know this [expletive]?," Walthall wrote on her wall, describing his picture.

The woman was seeking revenge after the officer had arrested George Pickens, a friend of Walthall's, on drug charges. Pickens snapped photos of the cop and printed out flyers, helped by his brother, Bobby Stedham.

Their actions were considered a "viable threat to that officer’s safety," NakedSecurity reports. George and 26-year-old old brother Bobby were also charged, after what was viewed as an act of “retaliation.”

According to the Texas Penal Code, retaliation implies harming or threatening “to harm another by an unlawful act, [...] in retaliation for or on account of the service or status of another as a public servant, witness, prospective witness, or informant.”

Many believe that, as the officer in question had a Facebook account, he was basically outing himself a while before someone shared his picture.

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