Woman Loses Legs and Fingers After Being Bitten by the Family's Dog

Common bacterium in the animal's saliva leaves doctors with no choice except amputate

Back in December 2012, a woman from Texas decided to step in and break a fight between the two dogs living with her and her family. Roughly one month later, the woman finds herself without legs and without most of her fingers.

Apparently, it was while trying to make sure that the two dogs did not end up hurting each other when Robin Sullins sustained minor injuries to her hand and to her leg, yet did not bother giving them too much attention.

This incident occurred on December 25, and it only took about three days for the woman's health to begin deteriorating at a fast pace.

Despite her being rushed to a local hospital by her husband and by her four children, the doctors in charge of looking after her soon found that no other option remained except amputate both her legs and most of her fingers.

This Texas woman owes her misfortune to a bacterium commonly found inside the mouths of both dogs and cats.

Specialists explain that, more often than not, this bacterium (i.e. Capnocytophaga canimorsus) does not constitute a threat to an individual's well-being.

However, it can sometimes happen that the bacteria makes its way into a person's bloodstream, and from that moment on, it is only a matter of time before a more serious infection begins to develop, sources report.

As Dr. William Schaffner, an expert on infectious diseases presently working with the Vanderbilt University Medical Center put it, “What's clearly happened here is that the bacteria has gotten into the bloodstream. Once into the blood stream it has created sepsis, a serious infection which has an effect on all the bodies regulatory and inflammatory mechanisms.”

Robin Sullins’ legs were amputated just below her knees, and the only fingers doctors managed to save were her thumbs.

Given the fact that the medical procedures this woman had to be subjected to cost an impressive amount of money, the family is now asking that those who wish to lend her a helping hand do not hesitate in doing so.

Information concerning donations is made available to you here.

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