Woman Lets Pony Move into Her Front Room

The pony was supposed to be taken to an abattoir, Jackie Winston-Jones rescued it

50-year-old Jackie Winston-Jones from Chershire now shares her home with a pony. More precisely, the animal lives in the woman's front room, which was slightly altered (i.e. turned into a stable) so as to meet the pony's expectations concerning interior design.

Apparently, the pony now living in Jackie's home was supposed to end up at an abattoir. However, this woman outbid the facility and managed to rescue it, Daily Mail reports.

Interestingly enough, Jaz, as this pony is named, is not Jackie's first successful animal rescue story.

Thus, the woman has rescued nine such animals thus far, and wishes to set up a horse sanctuary as soon as possible.

“I couldn't just stand by and watch them sold and carted off to Red Lion Abattoir to be slaughtered for the meat market,” the woman offered as an explanation for her decision to save these ponies.

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