Woman Keeps 8-Month-Old Lion as Pet

The lion helps look after the house, is very well trained

Annel Snyman, now living in South Africa, shares her home with a pet dog named Diesel and a pet lion named Timba.

The lion is now 8 months old and all grown up, but when Annel first took it under her roof, back in March, it was merely a cub.

Sources say that, according to Annel, Timba helps her when it comes to performing household chores, and doesn't disturb her whenever it feels like having a snack.

Thus, it merely sneaks into the kitchen and gulps down whatever stirs its interest at that moment.

The only downside to sharing her home with Timba is that Annel has trouble inviting guests to spend the evening at her place, as this lion is quite jealous.

“Relationships can be a challenge, though, as there are often some jealousy issues about who is going to snuggle up with who on the couch,” Annel explains.

Thus, “It normally ends up with me on one couch with Timba snuggled up on my lap and the other person on the other couch or outside looking rather concerned.”

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