Woman Goes to Bed, Wakes Up with a Chinese Accent

Sarah Colwill has been diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome

If you thought chronic lateness was a wacky diagnosis, wait till you hear about a condition dubbed Foreign Accent Syndrome.

This rare disorder boils down to the fact that, for some reason, people lose their native accent and acquire a foreign one instead. What's more, they are unable to shake it off.

According to Daily Mail, this is precisely what happened to 38-year-old Sarah Colwill from Plymouth.

In March 2010, the woman reportedly went to sleep only to wake up and find that she had somehow acquired a Chinese accent overnight.

The same source tells us that this condition is incredibly rare. More precisely, only 61 cases were confirmed between the years 1941 and 2012.

Researchers are still unable to say what causes it. In Sarah Colwill's case, it is possible that her regular migraines (i.e. about 10 per month) had a say in the matter.

The 38-year-old woman's story will be detailed in a BBC documentary scheduled to air this Tuesday at 10:35 local time. The documentary is titled “The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese.”

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