Woman Goes Almost Bald with New Pantene Shampoo

Sophie Peppercorn, 19, has dreadful experience with new product

Sophie Peppercorn from England is a 19-year-old woman working as an administration assistant. Just recently, after seeing the commercials for the new Pantene shampoo, which show Mylene Klass playing the piano, while her hair is nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful, Peppercorn decided to treat herself and her hair with the new product as well. The result, as the Daily Mail informs, was tragic.

The woman bought the shampoo and used it as per indications, but she still got the most dreadful of results. Speaking with the British publication, Sophie says she felt something was wrong when she started to wash the bubbles out of her hair and could feel many hairs on her hands. However, it wasn’t until she toweled dried her hair that she realized the full extent of her awful situation: looking in the mirror, she noticed bald patches and areas where hairs were so frail they would break off at a single touch.

“But it was only when I patted my hair dry with a towel and looked in the mirror, that I realized the extent of the hair damage. My hairline had receded several inches where my hair had broken off at the roots. Meanwhile, the rest of my hair was so damaged and frizzy it was breaking off in handfuls. I was so devastated, I broke down in tears,” Sophie says for the aforementioned publication. She contacted Procter & Gamble immediately, which makes Pantene, and was offered a £5 pound voucher.

“Incredibly, they seem to think I will want to buy another bottle. I had seen the ads with Myleene Klass in them and obviously she has beautiful hair. So I thought I’d treat myself to her shampoo and see what it could do for me. I was excited about trying it. But I haven’t stopped crying since. Many [people online] claim that a type of chemical wax, called sodium laureth sulphate, found in this and other shampoos is to blame,” the 19-year-old woman further says.

P&G says there is absolutely nothing in the shampoo to cause this kind of reaction, yet it has taken the bottle back for further analysis. At the same time, Peppercorn’s personal physician claims there is absolutely nothing wrong with her to lead to this type of hair loss, while Chairman of the Institute of Trichologists Marilyn Sherlock insists massive hair loss can also occur due to severe dieting and leading a very stressful lifestyle.

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