Woman Gets Life Sentence for Ordering Hit on Husband and Mother-in-Law

Narcy Novack feared that she would be left without her husband's fortune after a divorce

Narcy Novack will be spending life in prison after she was dubbed responsible for two murders in New York Federal Court.

Novack had wed 53-year-old Ben Novack, the heir of the Miami Beach Fontainebleau hotel founder. His net worth was estimated at millions of dollars.

His wife ordered a hit on both him, and his 86-year-old mother Bernice, the judge ruled. She was assisted in ordering the murders by her brother, Cristobal Veliz. The latter was also convicted and awarded life in prison, DB Techno writes.

The pair were presented in court as “pathological liars” and “extraordinarily dangerous psychopaths” by Assistant U.S. Attorney Elliott Jacobson.

“Because of Ms. Novack’s greed and her selfishness and what she thought was her ability to manipulate other people, there are two innocent people – her husband and her mother in law – who are dead,” judge Kenneth Karas concluded.

The murders were motivated by an impending divorce filed by Ben. Having signed a prenuptial agreement prior to marrying him, she was about to lose her share of her husband's millions.

“There’s really nothing to explain what she did. [...] She lived a life of privilege,” the judge adds.

Ben was beaten to death in 2009, with a dumbbell. His mother was executed in a similar style, beaten with a plumbers' wrench, just months after. The men hired for the job testified to being hired by Narcy Novack and Cristobal Veliz.

Narcy was present during both incidents, helping the enforcers. Her actions were described by Judge Kenneth Karas as “her final act of cowardice.” The Assistant U.S. Attorney advocated the life sentence.

“The only sentence that would ensure the safety of the law-abiding community is a sentence that assures these two defendants will spend the rest of their lives in jail,” he told the court.

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