Woman Finds Black Widow Spider in Grapes

Laurie Kaiser bought the grapes from a supermarket, had no idea what was in the bag

When it comes to shopping, the idea of getting more than they have paid for is bound to thrill most individuals. Except for those very special occasions when what you get is a black widow spider.

Apparently, this is precisely what happened to Laurie Kaiser, an otherwise ordinary woman from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Sources say Laurie simply went to a local supermarket and bought a bag of grapes. After opening the bag, she noticed that she got more than she bargained for, but at first, she worked on the assumption that it was a run-off-the-mill arachnid.

Luckily for Laurie, she realized that the spider was a black widow before attempting to remove it using nothing but her hands.

Interestingly enough, one man from Rhode Island recently went through a rather similar experience, meaning that he also found a black window in a bunch of grapes he had purchased.

“It's not really harmful to people my age group or a little older. It's very harmful however towards children, and my son is 1 year old, and he and my wife were washing grapes in the sink inches from the spider,” James Sylvia explained.

Needless to say, the supermarket selling the grapes promised that they would immediately get in touch with their suppliers and make sure that never happened again.

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