Woman Calls the Cops on Terrell Owens in Bizarre Incident

Ex-NFL star banged on woman’s door for 3 full hours, refused to leave

Former NFL star Terrell Owens got himself in a bit of trouble the other night, when he refused to leave a woman’s property – and he didn’t leave until she called the cops, it has emerged.

TMZ reports that a woman called 911 after she repeatedly tried to get Owens off her property, and repeatedly failed.

For 3 whole hours, Owens banged on her door and would refuse to leave even though she made it clear that she did not want him there.

“Terrell Owens was confronted by the LAPD around 4:30 AM Friday morning after cops got a call that he'd been banging on a woman's door for roughly 3 hours and refused to leave,” TMZ reports.

“The woman who lives in the home says she couldn't get the guy to go away after she made it clear he wasn't welcome. When cops arrived to the scene, the woman told police she was not afraid for her safety, she just wanted him off the property ASAP,” says the media outlet.

When police arrived, Owens complied and left. He was not charged or fined, so, as the saying goes, all’s well that ends well

As Owens’ fans must already know, the ex-NFL star has been going through a rather difficult time as of late, mostly because the money long stopped coming in and he has monthly payments to make that he simply can’t miss.

Terrell has 4 children with 4 different women and he’s paying alimony for all of them.

However, that didn’t happen before the women sued the star and also confronted him directly on the Dr. Phil show. Owens says he’s now forking up about $45,000 (€33,637) for child support, even though he’s broke.

Owens is yet to comment publicly on the latest incident. On the same note, there are no details about the woman or whether she was acquainted with the star.

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