Woman Attacks Camera Crew with Rocks, Sics Pitbulls on Reporter – Video

Teenage victim’s mother has been arrested for assault of ABC6 crew

Melissa Lawrence of Providence was in no mood to talk to an ABC6 crew about the shooting of her teenage daughter during the graduation prom this weekend. Because they would not leave her be, she attacked the camera guy and a female reporter.

Video of the whole thing is above.

At first, Mrs. Lawrence seems to want to talk about the shooting (at least from what we can see in the video, which is clearly edited), saying “"OK, that’s good,” but she immediately turns violent, throwing a rock at the camera guy.

She keeps yelling “Leave me alone!” and, when she sees the female reporter is still trying to ask her questions, she goes inside her house and comes back out with a baseball bat.

Next thing, she’s siccing her two Pitbulls on the female reporter, who runs away as she’s bitten and scratched.

Melissa Lawrence has been arrested and charged with assault, but voices online are saying the female reporter has her share of the blame for not leaving when she was asked to.

What do you think?

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