Woman, 104, Lies About Her Age on Facebook, but Not By Choice

Marguerite Joseph has been 99 years old online for several years now

At 104 (she turns 105 in a few months) Marguerite Joseph might not know too much about social media but she knows that it’s one of the things she has to help her keep in contact with her family in Canada.

Several years ago, Marguerite’s granddaughter set up for her her own Facebook page but, because Facebook is yet to accept triple-digit numbers for age, she’s been 99 for several years now.

As noted above, the grandma from Gosse Pointe Shores turns 105 in a few months, TheStir reports.

Her granddaughter, who is also the one who makes sure she updates Marguerite’s page daily (she already has over 100 friends and has uploaded about 80 pictures) says it would be nice if Facebook somehow solved the “glitch” because, in April, she will be 105.

“It’s special,” she says. Indeed.

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