Wolves Get Caged for “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” Premiere in LA

Staff at the Nokia Theater decides to spice up the event by showcasing a pack of wolves

Hoping to draw in more crowds and shake up the atmosphere, the staff at the Nokia Theater in LA decided that it might not be such a bad idea to get hold of a pack of wolves, shove them in cages and showcase them during the “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” premiere.

Apparently, they got their inspiration from the fact that some of the characters in this movie are werewolves, sources say.

More precisely, it was their belief that, by putting these animals up for displays, Twi-hards would somehow experience even more joy at the thought that the latest (and last) “Twilight” finally premiered.

But then again, as conservationist would ask, what do caging a pack of wolves and allowing moviegoers to stress the animals have to do with the movie's plot?

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