WoW - Account Hacked - Money Stolen - Not a Clue

Why don't you check your account right now? You might just find that you've lost everything

You're a World of Warcraft fan right? Course you are. Well, in case you thought that something like this won't happen to you, think again. It can and it will if you don't keep a close eye on your account and change your password on a regular basis. Michael Fahey writing for Kotaku tells his sad story of logging into Blizzard's MMO one night, only to find that "he had been violated." Just when he was thinking of how much fun he'd be having finishing some quests, catching up with old buddies and maybe even getting to level 70 to play with the big guys, the picture you see on your left popped up.

Normally, if this happened to you, you'd probably think it was a glitch in the system or whatever and you'd move on. So did he. But seeing that everything sellable had been sold and that all his money vanished, Fahey realized that his account had been hacked. How come? Probably a keylogger but there was no proof of that. What would you do then? The thing is, there's not much one can do when something like this happens. The stolen money will surely get mailed again and again until all trace is lost and your months worth of progress will be lost forever. That's that. Jerks lurk in every corner and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Mailing Blizzard won't do you any good either as you can imagine. They can't monitor every single thing that's going on and shutting servers down to reinforce security for one report or two isn't likely to happen. Maybe it should happen more often. Ha! Kidding of course. The best advice for this, as Fahey also says, would be to "monitor the hell" out of your PC, keep track of everything going on inside it and change that damned password every once in a while, 'cause that's where it all starts, you know: the password.

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