Wisconsin Widow Finds Four Live Grenades in Her Attic

Caroline Cyganiak discovered the bombs among her late husband's war memorabilia

Bomb disposal experts were called to a house in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, after the widow of an Army veteran found four live hand grenades in her attic.

According to Daily Mail, Caroline Cyganiak was doing some spring cleaning when she found the decades-old hand grenades in an ammo box. The bombs were stashed among uniforms and military memorabilia belonging to her late husband, in the attic of their home.

When the bomb squad from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office arrived at the scene, they found that the hand grenades, estimated to be around 42 years old, were not only live, but also unstable.

“It scared the living daylights out of me. I didn't know if they could explode or not,” the scared woman said.

Officials removed the live grenades from the woman's house immediately and detonated them in a remote area in Oak Creek on Tuesday night to ensure public safety. The controlled explosions were so loud that more than 40 residents of the area called the police when they heard or felt the blast.

If the bombs had exploded while they were in the house, the blast would have been disastrous, because they were basically weapons of war, Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said.

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