Wireless External HDD Released by Patriot Memory

Gauntlet 320 can send data to five devices at once

As if to prove beyond all doubt that we are entering the wireless era, Patriot Memory has introduced the latest member of its Gauntlet product series, the Gauntlet 320 Wi-Fi HDD.

At first glance, the product actually resembles a router more than it does a portable storage device, which is actually appropriate seeing as how it is basically both.

The storage capacity is of 320 GB, which isn't exactly monumental as far as HDDs go, but should be sufficient for whatever audio and movie libraries owners decide to take along on a trip.

Either way, it is the wireless connectivity that carries more importance here, as it permits simultaneous data streaming to multiple devices.

To be more precise, up to five tablets, smartphones and/or laptops can be connected to it and receive data at any one time.

Furthermore, up to eight such items can share an Internet connection by using the Gauntlet 320 as the access point.

"The Gauntlet 320 is a natural progression in Patriot Memory's Gauntlet external storage brand," says Mike Kroll, Patriot Memory's senior director of peripherals product management.

"A truly wireless unit, the Gauntlet 320 supports simultaneous streams to 5 connected devices offering virtually endless options for using and sharing a huge media catalogue with tablets, smartphones, and laptops."

For connecting to PCs without Wi-Fi, or when necessitating a recharge of the lithium-ion battery (up to 5.5 hours on a single charge while streaming continuously), a USB 3.0 port can be used, or USB 2.0.

The other features left to mention are SATA II internal connection and WEP / WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK security.

Patriot Memory is shipping the Gauntlet 320 HDD to North American customers, but will only send it to Europe in early 2013. The price is $150 / 114-150 Euro.


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