Wireless Electric Car Charging Stations Go on Trial in London

Chargemaster hopes to make the technology available nationwide

Several Chargemaster stations in London and Luton, UK are soon to present EV owners with the opportunity to “feed” electricity into their car's battery without the need for cables and other similar gizmos.

Thus, the company is looking to test a new technology (i.e. the Qualcomm Halo systems) which supposedly makes it possible for battery cars to be recharged wirelessly. Naturally, the goal is to make EV significantly more appealing to potential customers.

Should the Qualcomm Halo system prove to be both efficient and user-friendly, Chargemaster wishes to make it available at each of the company's 2,000 charging stations in the UK.

Moreover, it is to be expected that such wireless charging points could also become part and parcel of British supermarkets and car parks, Green Tourer reports.

This would make it possible for EV owners to use their environmentally friendly car in order to travel over long distances, without having to worry about how and where they will be able to recharge.

As well as this, EV manufacturers will be able to quit designing rather “bulky” batteries just for the sake of storing significant amounts of energy.

Business Green quotes the Chief Executive of Chargemaster, David Martell, who made a case of how, “Wireless technology will be a major milestone in allowing the average man in the street to own and operate an electric car.”

Furthermore, “It's our plan to roll out wireless charging right across our estate. I see no reason why every site in supermarkets and car parks cannot have wireless charging integrated.”

Interestingly enough, Chargemaster hopes that one day it will figure out a way to charge EVs through road surfaces, thus making it possible for the owners of such cars to drive over long distance without ever having to stop in order to recharge.

“We are encouraging other OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] to get involved,” argued Anthony Thomson, vice president of business development and marketing at Qualcomm Halo.

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