Wirefly Mobile Backup Service Available for Free

Wirefly, one of the leading online authorized retailer of cell phones and plans, has just announced the launch of a new service, called Wirefly Mobile Backup, aimed at offering consumers the possibility to backup and transfer their contacts, and do more, regardless the carrier they are on, the OS or the mobile phone manufacturer, all for free.

According to the company, it designed the new service in collaboration with Spare Backup, and made it available for users online on its website, Wirefly.com.

Through this service, users won't need to manually backup all personal files on their devices, including contacts, appointments, or other content, nor to manually transfer these from a device to another.

Wirefly Mobile Backup is able to wirelessly back up contacts, pictures, calendar entries, and music on a device, all through a mobile data connection or a local Wi-Fi network.

Moreover, the company notes that the data is safely encrypted, and that users would be able to access it at all times via a web-enabled cell phone or computer, so that users can quickly restore and transfer everything from a device to another.

Some of the main features of Wirefly Mobile Backup include:

- Backup contacts, calendar items, music, photos, and videos automatically

- Access stored information from any registered device at anytime from anywhere in the world

- Transfer data between phones regardless of phone manufacturer, operating system, or carrier

- Backup and share between PC and phone in one application

- Free up to 2GB of storage

The company also announced that Wirefly Mobile Backup comes with support for the most popular smartphones in the United States, including those running under Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

Moreover, the service can be used by users on major wireless carriers in the country, which makes it easier to transfer data when switching carriers.

By the end of the ongoing year, the service will offer support for Palm, Java, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian operating systems, the company continued.

The service can be used for backing up data on a desktop PC too, the company states, adding that a number of five devices can be backed up with a single account.

“Everyone has experienced the pain and frustration of losing their phone -- more importantly, losing the data stored on the phone,” said Andy Zeinfeld, CEO of Simplexity, parent company of Wirefly.

“Wirefly Mobile Backup protects and preserves content that in the past would have lived and died on the lost phone. With this service, the content is safely stored securely in a virtual cloud' so customers can quickly restore their information onto their replacement phone.

“What's more, when you pair Wirefly Mobile Backup with our Device Protection service, losing a device is far less painful. Not only can you get a replacement device, but you can restore your data once your new device is activated.”

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