Windows Is the Number One Source of Computer Problems

And a category in itself

The Windows operating systems continues to be the number one source of computer problems. In this regard, RESCUECOM has compiled the "Top Five Computer Problems Report" for 2006 and indicates that Windows related problems have generated the top volume of consumer complaints in the past year.

"It's important for RESCUECOM to consistently evaluate trends among computer users," explained David A. Milman, founder and CEO of RESCUECOM. "This year, we're continuing to see Windows-related issues with great regularity, with an increase of 12 percent from last year and now accounting for more than 22 percent of calls to our call center. We've also noticed a clear increase in hardware problems, attributed in part to the growing use of laptops, which are generally less stable than desktop machines."

According to the data published in the RESCUECOM Top Five Computer Problems Report, in 2006, 22.3% of all consumer reports were based on Windows issues. Hardware problems come in at a close second with 18.1% of the customer complaints. The third place of the RESCUECOM top five report is occupied by Slow Computer (Virus/Spyware problem) with 13.7%. Internet Connectivity Problems follow in the fourth position with 13.4% of complaints, while Data Recovery/Backup issues account for 12.3% of customer complaints and for the fifth place.

"In addition to identifying the top problems, for the first time this year's report provided insight on the different experiences of desktop and laptop users. Among the most striking contrasts is the significantly higher percentage of hardware problems experienced by laptop users (29.2% versus 15.9%) as well as the nearly double percentage (20.8%) of laptop users needing assistance with data recovery and backup versus desktop users (10.7%)," also revealed RESCUECOM.

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