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Placing Windows on a USB and booting it is not as easy as it may seem, mainly because Windows was not built for live sessions. For some GUI addicted users the result may not be at all what they expected, plus the functionality is cut off drastically. Virtualizing the operating system and running it from a removable storage device has its advantages but it will not pull you out of a jam in case the host operating system is damaged.

If you plan on rescuing data off a Windows-running machine or if you simply feel the need of an alternate operating system then Linux seems to be the solution. There are plenty of distros to choose from, with Ubuntu reigning over them through its ease of use and flexibility to run both installed on your machine as well as from a live CD.

Another Linux distro that can be handled with ease is Fedora. And in this case there is a little tool called Live USB Creator that will place the OS on the USB in about 6 minutes if the distro's image has been previously downloaded. Also, you get to choose which Fedora should be placed on the stick and the options vary from the 9th edition to the 11th, which is in alpha stage, for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

The entire process requires just a few clicks in a very easy interface and no wizard is required as all the options are right under your nose. It automatically detects the target devices and all you have to do is select one. In case you already have the image on your computer there is an option allowing you to use an existing Live CD.

The Live CD image is a generic name in the application as the file can be any ISO on your computer. Fedora Live USB Creator can be used for extracting absolutely any image to a thumbdrive with no problems. We tested the app with all sorts of images (Ubuntu Live CD was one of them) and they all worked like a charm.

No alert is present upon completing the image extraction to the removable drive, but the result is amazing as you will benefit from a fully functional operating system that comes integrated with generic drivers. The tool proves pretty useful when you try to rescue data off a system beyond recovery or if you just want to switch to an alternate, open-source operating system.

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