Windows XP Is Almost Dead, Here Are 3 Linux Alternatives

We also have a bonus Linux distribution that could be a good Windows XP alternative

The support for Windows XP is ending on April 8 and the operating system from Microsoft will be slowly killed and suffocated by viruses and malware. It's conceivable that some of those users will chose a Linux OS and everybody know that there are hundreds of options.

The Linux universe is full of operating systems, with different desktop environments and numerous features. Most of them are completely different from one another, but we can imagine that potential Windows XP users might want to try something at first that resembles what they were using before.

We can narrow down the choices to three different examples. The criteria are very simple and they are as follows: support from the developers, the Windows XP resemblance, and ease of use.

The first choice has to be Linux Mint based on Mate. This is one of the best operating systems that you can find right now, it gets numerous updates from the developers, and it’s highly themable. With a little effort you can actually make it look like Windows XP.

It's based on Ubuntu and the developers are releasing better and prettier versions every six months or so. That is not something that you can say about Windows XP, which has remained the same for a decade.

The second on our list is Zorin OS. It's also a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, but the developers are providing their one desktop environment that is a lot more like the one on Windows XP. This is even one of the features promoted by the Zorin OS developers.

The third place on the list is occupied by Manjaro Xfce (the KDE version is no bad either). This is a distribution based on Arch Linux. It's a little different from the Linux Mint and it comes with a few unique applications. The good thing about this distribution is the fact that it has the Arch community backing it, which means lots of updates and improvements.

The bonus distribution mentioned in the tile is of course Ubuntu. Even if you are coming from Windows XP, you might be willing to try something new. Sure, it's radically different from a visual point of view from you previous operating system, but maybe after so many years trapped in the Windows realm, you might be ready to try something new.

It's unlikely that users will start flooding the Linux platform after April 8, but it's still good to know that there are some very good choices out there.

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