Windows Vista Professional 2007 - A New Windows Vista Edition

Made in China, but not from Microsoft

Introducing Windows Vista Professional 2007, a new Windows Vista edition made in China. Chinese users are able to acquire Windows Vista Professional 2007 from ad-hoc street corners for as low as $1. But this scenario is in no way limited to the so-called Professional edition of Vista, in fact, as you can see from the images included herein Windows Vista Ultimate 2007, Enterprise 2007 and Starter 2007 are also available for purchase.

January 30, 2007 marked the world-wide availability of Windows Vista. Microsoft released six editions of the operating system, Windows Vista Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate. Unlike Windows XP, Microsoft has tunned up Windows Vista for the fight against piracy. From the unique packagings of the operating system to the Windows Genuine Advantage, genuine copies of Windows Vista can be spotted a mile away.

This however has only superficially impacted the piracy phenomenon. The counterfeiters simply changed tactic. While before it was hard to tell the difference between genuine and bootlegged Windows products, and the customers were often tricked in acquiring pirated software, now the marketing tactics has adapted to the new challenge set by Microsoft.

Pirated Windows Vista at dirt-cheap prices is a Windows Genuine Advantage success in Microsoft's perspective. And as you can very well see from these images the counterfeit copies replicate poorly the genuine packaging design of Windows Vista. But this has not been an impediment for sales.

Despite extensive publicity on the Chinese market where Microsoft has spilled a consistent part of its $500 million Wow campaign budget, Windows Vista managed to sell only 244 genuine copies in its first two months of availability.


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