Windows Vista Phone Activation Crack

The phone "frankenbuild" Windows Vista

Microsoft delivers two different activation methods for Windows Vista, bot available for retail and OEM end users. Hackers have already cracked the Internet activation process. And in this context, the phone activation method was only the logical step.

The Windows Vista phone activation crack is a new alternate, and illegal way to circumvent the activation process of Windows Vista. Via the phone activation crack, users will be able to activate Windows Vista build 6000.16386.061101-2205, the final version of the operating system that has shipped to RTM.

In actuality, the Windows Vista phone activation crack is a variation of the "frankenbuild" activation workaround. For this, users need a product key or a serial number from the Customer Previre Program for Windows Vista RC1 or beta 2. The phone "frankenbuild" method functions with Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

While circumventing the Vista activation process over the phone, the system needs to be disconnected from the Internet. Now, as was the case with the original "frankenbuild" workaround, users have to replace two files in Windows Vista with those from the RC1 or Beta 2 build.

Once the files are replaced, users have to activate the copy of Windows Vista. The phone activation process via the "Show me other ways to activate" will deliver a successful activation of the operating system.

This is a downside to the Windows Vista "frankenbuild" phone activation crack. Microsoft has already updated the Windows Genuine Advantage tool to render the "frankenbuild" workaround useless, and therefore, the operating systems that are activated in this manner - either by phone or online - will not be validated.

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