Windows Vista Key Generator

Available for download

While Microsoft is laboring on an update to the Windows Genuine Advantage designed to put an end to the Timer Stop Windows Vista crack, the hackers have moved on. This is actually the first time that I have come across a key generator for Windows Vista since the operating system was released. The Windows Vista keygen has the role of producing valid, and I have to emphasize, valid product keys that will latter be used in the activation of the operating system.

The Windows Vista keygen is a work in progress according to the product's description. But it is not a crack. In fact, its author reveals that the Vista key generator is a method implementing brute force techniques to determine a usable product key for the operating system.

According to the Vista keygen's description, this is not even close to an instantaneous key generator. Users have to wait hours on end in order to receive a valid Windows Vista product key, although the process might as well fail.

The keygen will not only take its time to produce a Vista key, but will also take the vast majority of the CPU resources to the point of rendering the machine useless. Furthermore, the keygen also implies that the users should modify aspects of the operating system.

Do not use such a workaround to activate the operating system. Just take into account the fact that Windows Vista cracks are not free as it is assumed, and that a high percentage, going as far as half of them, contains malicious code.

The creator of the Windows Vista keygen has even ironically associated a piracy disclaimer (the syntax is that of the author): "DISCLAIMER: under no circumstances should anyone sell the key that they generate. I do not support Piracy, this was simply an experiment in which i used to practice my vbscripting. This was just for fun and was a complete accident! sorry for cracking your beautiful operating system BILL GATES. i strongly encourage everyone to purchase windows vista, and be a genuine customer! thank you "

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