Windows Vista Adds Another Key to Our Keyboards

Flip 3D

There are a lot of things we don’t know about Windows Vista, but one by one, we are starting find them out.

For example, Windows Vista will have a new way of scrolling through the applications’ open windows (we are referring to the ALT+TAB combination).

Microsoft couldn’t miss the opportunity of taking advantage of the new Windows Vista GUI, so it has introduced a new style of flipping through open windows, called Flip 3D, which adds a 3D effect.

The new flipping mode can be achieved by scrolling the mouse or… by using a special key.

And in fact, that is the big news. Microsoft announces in the same paragraph in which it talks about Flip 3D, that many peripheral producers have started to fit their new keyboards with this key.

In conclusion, ladies and gentleman, get ready for yet another Windows button. Let’s hope it will be a useful one!

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