Windows Still Powering 91.78% of Computers Worldwide

Microsoft’s own product remains the dominant OS on the planet

Microsoft’s new strategy of remaining completely tight-lipped on the sales performance of its latest products made many analysts and experts around the world criticize the company and some of its high-profile execs, including CEO Steve Ballmer.

Some have even claimed that the poor uptake of products such as Windows 8 and Microsoft’s slow reaction in the smartphone and mobile phone markets might affect the tech giant’s dominance in the operating system department, especially because both Android and iOS are gaining thousands of new users every month.

But a new round of statistics provided by market researcher Net Applications comes to put things straight and to show everyone that Microsoft’s supremacy in the OS world isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Windows is currently installed on 91.78 percent of computers worldwide, despite Windows 8’s failure to make a name for itself and despite Microsoft’s efforts to kill Windows XP.

Truth is, Microsoft has indeed lost approximately 1 percent of the OS market in 11 months, as it had a share of 92.53 percent in May 2012, but things are still good enough for the Redmondians.

What’s more, the company is already working on several new products, including a major refresh for Windows 8 that’s expected to pack a long list of improvements, as well as a new browser and plenty of UI customization options.

In addition, the Softies have clearly explained that they’re now willing to pay more focus to customer feedback, hinting that a Start button might be brought back in Windows as soon as this summer.

Word is that Microsoft has already started development of Windows 9, the next full Windows release which, according to some sources familiar with the matter, is projected to see daylight in November 2014.

Still no official confirmation on Windows 8.1 and Windows 9, but expect more details to surface in the next couple of months.

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