Windows Phone 8 with Multicore Support, Better Cameras

The platform will be tightly connected to Windows 8

Later this year, Microsoft is expected to bring to the market a new flavor of its mobile operating system, one that would arrive on shelves under the name of Windows Phone 8.

Rumors on what the platform could bring to devices have been around for some time now, but nothing has been officially confirmed on the matter until now.

Today, however, we can get a better picture of what’s to come in Windows Phone 8, courtesy of leaked details that emerged over at Pocketnow.

A video featuring Joe Belfiore, senior vice president and Windows Phone manager, and intended for partners of Nokia, unveiled the main features and enhancements that Microsoft planned for the upcoming OS flavor.

Thus, we should expect support for dual-core application processors in Windows Phone 8, along with NFC capabilities to provide users with access to more mobile payment services.

Moreover, the upcoming operating system will bring along support for more screen resolutions (hopefully HD screens will also be included there), as well as for removable microSD memory cards.

Most of the other smartphone platforms out there offer support for microSD cards, save for iOS, and Windows Phone will have it as well soon.

Additionally, there will be a series of enhancements brought to the cameras on Windows Phone devices, as well as Data Smart functionality for users to save more money.

Various changes will be brought to the new Windows Phone flavor at the software level as well. Thus, users will benefit from Skype and SkyDrive integration, and from the capabilities the next gen Internet Explorer for mobile has to offer to them.

Overall, Windows Phone 8 should prove a great update over the existing version of the platform, especially since it will bring mobile phones closer to desktops, courtesy of tight connections with Windows 8.

Specific info on when Windows Phone 8 might arrive have not emerge as of yet, but we would not be surprised to see it made available along with Windows 8 sometime this fall.

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