Windows Phone 8.1 Concept Design Emerges

It adds needed functionality but clutters the interface

Windows Phone 8 is the latest mobile operating system version that Microsoft has released on devices, but it should be followed by new flavors in the not too distant future, if some of the latest reports on the matter are to be believed.

Nothing has been officially confirmed on this, or on the changes that the OS upgrades might bring to Windows Phone 8 devices, but some users have already started to dream of new features in the platform, and some of them even came up with their own design concepts to show that to the world.

One of these people is WMPoweruser reader James, who imagined what a possible upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 OS release might look like, as can be seen in the screenshots attached to this article.

What this concept does is to show a redesigned interface for the Windows Phone lockscreen, as well as a new look for the browser and for the app screen, while also adding a notification center to the platform.

Additionally, the OS concept features shortcuts for quick settings, multiple volume controls, and the like, all meant to fill some of the missing features that Windows Phone 8 users have been vocal about.

However, as WMPoweruser notes, this Windows Phone 8.1 design adds some new buttons to the interface, while also expanding the number of onscreen controls that users can take advantage of.

There are also swipes from multiple directions to allow for various actions to be performed on the handset.

Overall, the idea seems appealing, but it appears to clutter the Windows Phone interface, and to move away from the rather simple, easy to use UI that users have already become accustomed with.

The one thing that is certain, however, is the fact that Microsoft’s platform does need many of these features, with some of them already expected in a future update, though it remains to be seen whether they will look like in this concept or not.


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