Windows Phone 7392 Update on More Devices

Windows Phone devices around the world started receiving a new software update in early May, the 7392 update, which includes a series of security enhancements for the platform, and more handsets are currently receiving the software, Microsoft has just announced.

The Windows Phone 7392 update started to hit HTC Arrive mobile phones on Sprint's airwaves earlier this week, and is also rolling-out on a series of mobile phones in Europe.

Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering, Microsoft, notes in a recent post on the Windows Phone blog that the update is being delivered to HTC Arrive and Samsung Omnia 7, and that it should he pushed out on more handsets soon.

“7392 is now rolling out to Windows Phones on Sprint in the U.S. and Orange in Europe. If you have an Omnia 7 on Orange, you won’t be receiving an update just yet. We are going to update those phones separately,” the aforementioned blog post reads.

“We’re also now rolling out updates to Omnia 7s on Deutsche Telekom across all of Europe (where some folks know it better as T-Mobile), with more Omnia 7 deliveries in the queue.”

The owners of a Samsung Omnia 7 device should have a look at this support article to learn more on the installation of 7392 on their devices, provided that the process would get stuck at a certain point.

In addition to unveiling the rolling-out of this software update for these devices, Eric Hautala also notes that they are working on the delivery of the new software update for the Samsung Focus, and that more on the matter should become available soon.

“We are still very focused on starting updates for the flash memory variant of the Samsung Focus. The teams are working hard to test the update, get it scheduled, and get it into your hands,” he notes.

The Windows Phone 7392 update was meant to fix a security issue with a series of third-party compromised Internet certificates, and is the latest update Windows Phone receives before Mango.

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