Windows Phone 7 in the US on November 8, October 11 Event Now Official

A few months of rumors regarding the upcoming introduction of Windows Phone 7 on the market on October 11th seem to be finally panning out, as Microsoft has started to send out invites to a London event on that day.

Of course, previous rumors suggested that the launch event would take place in New York but, considering that fact that the first Windows Phone 7 devices are expected to land on shelves in Europe in the beginning, it makes sense for the actual launch to be slated for London.

However, while the event was announced officially, there is no guarantee that the Redmond-based software giant would actually release Windows Phone 7 on that day.

Most of the previous rumors on the matter suggested that Microsoft would launch Windows Phone 7 on October 11th, and that the first handsets should land on shelves on October 21st.

This applies to the European market, of course, as United States enthusiasts would have to wait a little longer for these devices to travel across the Atlantic.

No specific info on when would Windows Phone 7 land in the US emerged until now, when a recent post on Windows Phone secrets cites reliable sources stating that November 8th would be the lucky day.

November was pointed at as being the launch window for Windows Phone 7 devices stateside, and November 8 might easily prove as being the exact date for the phones' arrival.

As it always happens in these cases, official confirmation on the landing of Windows Phone 7 still hasn't emerged.

However, October 11th might bring more light into the matter, as specific details on the general availability of Windows Phone 7 devices should be unveiled on that day.

Another aspect that still remains to be unveiled is what mobile phones would bring the Windows Phone 7 operating system to the market, though we already had the chance to learn some info on a few such phones, including the LG E900 or the HTC Mondrian.

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