Windows Phone 7 Tips and Tricks (XII) – Office Mobile

One of the strong points of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform is the fact that comes with the full Office package embedded. Basically, every Windows Phone 7 smartphone has Microsoft Office Mobile apps included, so there's no need for the user to download anything.

The Office Mobile package can be accessed from the Start, in the app list, but can also be pinned on the Homescreen. It includes apps such as: Microsoft Word Mobile, Microsoft Excel Mobile, Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile, Microsoft OneNote Mobile and Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile.

Users can create new documents or read and edit existing ones on their phone with Microsoft Word Mobile.

WM7 phone owners have several options of sharing the documents from their smartphone such as by saving back to the shared document on a SharePoint site, sending a link to the document on the SharePoint site in email or by simply sending the document itself in email.

SharePoint is a website that lets users share and work together on documents, projects and schedules. Thanks to the Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile, which is a part of the Office Mobile package, users can open, edit and save Microsoft Office documents that are on a SharePoint wesbite.

To access a SharePoint site using SharePoint Workspace Mobile users have to set up a Wi-Fi connection that lets them access a SharePoint site on their company's network.

The same sharing process can be used for Microsoft Excel workbooks or PowerPoint presentations.

As a side note, users should be aware of the fact that they cannot save new Microsoft Office documents on a SharePoint site from their phones using SharePoint Workspace Mobile. They can only edit and save the document if it is already on the SharePoint website.

Feel free to suggest your own Windows Phone 7 tips and tricks, especially if you're an advanced user.

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