Windows Phone 7 Tastes NES Emulator, Microsoft Blocks It

Windows Phone 7, the new mobile operating system from Microsoft, is enjoying an increasing number of applications every day, and a NES Emulator is among them, though the software hasn't been approved in the Marketplace until now.

The NES platform arrived on Microsoft's mobile operating system courtesy of Matt Bettcher, who ported an open-source emulator to Windows Phone 7.

The software is not final at the moment, but work on it is undergoing, and it is currently receiving various optimizations.

At the moment, the emulator can run at 10-20 frames per second on the Samsung Focus, at least this is what Matt Bettcher claims.

What's not so encouraging is the fact that Microsoft disapproves of its work, and announced that it wouldn't allow for the emulator to be included in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The app developers is reportedly trying to convince the Redmond-based company of the significance of its achievement, but to no end for the time being.

Moreover, Matt Bettcher is also asking the community to give a helpful hand to bring the project to the Marketplace by convincing Microsoft to change its mind.

As a recent post on WMPoweruser notes, other companies have allowed for emulators to be included in their app portals, and Microsoft could very well follow suit too.

We should also note that the developer announced plans to make the application available for free via the Windows Phone Marketplace.

At the same time, he confirmed plans to make the software open source. The app is being built based on Open Source code.

Those who would like to learn some more info on what the said NES Emulator for Windows Phone 7 is all about should have a look at the video embedded below, which would give them a taste of the software.

In case there are some who would like to join Matt’s campaign to have the app included in the Marketplace, they should head to his YouTube channel here and post a comment.

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