Windows Marketplace for Mobile to Include TAAP Me Apps

An entire range of single user entry point solutions

Windows Marketplace for Mobile, the application storefront service Redmond-based software giant Microsoft launched into the wild along with the new Windows Mobile 6.5, will soon include TAAP Me applications, single user entry point software solutions aimed both at consumers and businesses. The TAAP Me range of products comes with award-winning technology and is based on multi-user collaborative applications.

The TAAP Me applications come along with a wide range of opportunities that enable users to enjoy many aspects of mobile technologies. The software solutions have been designed mainly to fit the needs of business customers, yet they can fit very well with the needs of end users as well. The prices for the apps will range from £3 to approximately £10, and they will be available from the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

The list of apps includes solutions like TAAP Delivery, a software tool aimed at scheduling and completing delivery/collection jobs; TAAP Maintenance, designed to ensure that maintenance jobs are logged, allocated a status, and signed off when complete; or TAAP AutoInspect, which allows for a comprehensive vehicle inspection to be completed.

One thing that should be noted is that some of the applications will make use of the GPS mapping features that PDA handsets come to the market with. The information collected with the apps can be sent by users to a secure website viewer, from where one can also share pieces of information with others.

Shelter, Northgate Plc (vehicle rental), various NHS organizations, and a number of marketing agencies are only some examples of clients that have used TAAP’s mobile solutions to great effect. Those interested in the software solutions can trial them for small amounts of money, so as to make sure that these are the applications they require before investing more on them. Additional details on the apps and on how they can be purchased or downloaded can be found here.

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