Windows Live Messenger Comes to Zune HD

The latest iteration of Windows Live Essentials released last week was accompanied by a new flavor of the company’s instant messaging client designed for its digital media player.

Microsoft launched Windows Live Messenger for the Zune HD in tandem with Windows Live Essentials 2011, which is designed to integrate seamlessly with Windows PCs.

As of October 1st, 2010, the Zune team made available for download Windows Live Messenger for the Zune HD via the Zune Marketplace.

Of course, as the official label implies, the new IM client for Zune HD is set up to bring some of the functionality of Windows Live Messenger to Microsoft’s digital media player devices.

Furthermore, the Redmond company worked to make sure that Zune HD users are able to enjoy some of the features and capabilities of Windows Live Messenger 2011 on their media players.

“Messenger for the Zune HD lets you check out social updates from your friends on Windows Live which includes things they’ve shared from Facebook, Flickr, or MySpace and chat with your friends,” revealed Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc.

“It also supports Facebook Chat just like Messenger on your Windows PC does!”

Just as is the case for the desktop IM client, Windows Live Messenger for Zune HD focuses on linking users not only through instant messaging but also by making it as easy as possible for them to stay in contact with their friends from various social networks.

Social networking was also a big priority for the software giant when it came down to building Windows Live Messenger 2011, ensuring that users can connect seamlessly with Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, etc.

“Messenger for the Zune HD also displays what you’re listening to just likes the Zune media player does when signed in to Messenger on a Windows PC,” LeBlanc added.

“The Zune Team also tells me they released 3 new games for the Zune HD: WordMonger, Castles and Cannons, Dr. Optics.”

You can download the features of the Windows Live Essentials suite here:

Windows Live Family Safety
Windows Live Mesh
Windows Live Photo Gallery
Windows Live Movie Maker
Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live Writer
Windows Live Mail
The Bing Bar
Outlook Connector Pack

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