Windows Live Allegedly Getting the Metro UI Makeover

The online service will soon be brought in line with Windows 8, Windows Phone

Microsoft is in love with the Metro UI. It already adopted it for various products, starting with Windows Phone and going all the way to Windows 8, and appears set to throw it over more of them.

Windows Live is also said to be en-route to get a taste of the new user interface, and some screenshots that allegedly show it have emerged.

Many of Microsoft’s users are also fond of the new Metro UI, and approve of the way in which Microsoft is integrating with various apps and services.

For them, the Redmond-based software giant might soon have a surprise. The same as Windows Phone, Windows 8 and latest Xbox 360 dashboard update, Windows Live might soon get an interface overhaul.

In fact, Brazilian website suggests that the company is already hard at work applying the changes, and it also has some screenshots to prove it.

The Metro-styled menu appears to be minimized by default, but users will be able to access it through the arrow in the header.

Moreover, claims that a job listing on Microsoft Careers also appears to confirm the planned UX changes in Windows Live.

“The Microsoft Windows User Experience team in Silicon Valley is seeking exceptional interaction designers to make the Windows Live web services, including Hotmail and SkyDrive, more powerful, engaging, and rewarding to use,” the job post reads.

“This is an opportunity to reinvent how people interact with computers, to turn new technology into positive user experiences, and to deliver a product that reaches millions of customers. If you are inspired by these plans, then this is the team for you.”

Since other Microsoft products have been already Metro-fied, it was somehow expected for more of them to share a similar fate, especially with Windows 8 set to become commercially available this year.

What remains to be seen is how Microsoft’s Hotmail and Skydrive services will look like in the end, since the screenshots are said to show only a preliminary stage of development.


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