Windows - Life Without Walls

Courtesy of Microsoft

"Life Without Walls" is the next stage in the evolution of the $300 million Windows marketing campaign developed by advertising agency Crispin, Porter + Bogusky. This means that the Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates couple is out of the equation, and Microsoft is bringing Windows to center-stage. "Life Without Walls" is the Redmond company's answer to the "What's Next?" questions generated by the Seinfeld and Gates video teasers.

"Windows is truly the shared language of creativity and connection for more than one billion people," commented Bill Veghte, senior vice president, Online Services & Windows Business Group. "It’s a vibrant community of individuals who are passionate about how Windows helps them express their ideas and live life on their own terms. Starting today, we want to reflect the passion and excitement of this community in how we tell the story of the Windows brand."

"Windows vs. Walls" is a concept Microsoft plans to advertise in order to emphasize the connected world delivered by its proprietary operating system. And with the Windows install base having long passed the billion milestone, the Redmond giant is right in its attempt to taunt the fact that the platform breaks down barriers between people.

"At the core, Windows is about enabling each one of us, as individuals, to live our lives without walls … I want to work when I want to work, I want to play when I want to play. I want to communicate and share with friends and family and co-workers," Veghte added.

But at the same time, Microsoft is not focusing exclusively on the PC. Windows has in fact long outgrown the limits of the personal computer and moved into the Cloud with Windows Live and onto phones with Windows Mobile.

"On our journey to make sure that Windows enables a life without walls, we’ve taken a step back, reevaluated and tuned and tweaked our approach. So you’re seeing that in the advertising, in the products, in the experience at retail and on," notes Veghte.

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