Windows CE More Suitable for Tegra Smartbooks, NVIDIA Claims

Still working on optimization for Android

Santa Clara, California-based graphics chip maker NVIDIA is showing its commitment to an ongoing relationship with Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft, as it explains why Windows CE is better for Tegra-based Smartbooks, in comparison to Google's Android OS. According to recent comments made by NVIDIA's general manager for mobile business unit, Mike Rayfield, the chip maker is working closely with Microsoft on the optimization of Windows CE for Tegra-based devices, as Android still delivers a “rough user interface.”


According to a recent news-article on IDG's Computerworld, NVIDIA is more confident in the features enabled by Microsoft's Windows CE than in those delivered by the much-hyped Google Android. It is Mike Rayfiled's belief that Microsoft’s operating system can deliver a “low memory footprint and has a good collection of apps,” while at the same time being a “rock solid operating system that has been shipped billions of times.”


Both NVIDIA and Microsoft are reportedly focusing their work on balancing the Windows CE operating system for use on 750MHz ARM11 processors, as well as the much appreciated Tegra chip, capable of enabling 1080p high-definition video on small-sized devices. The optimization should provide users with longer battery life and enhanced graphics, especially considering the performance capabilities of NVIDIA's Tegra chip.


The chip maker isn't working exclusively with the software giant, as it continues to collaborate with Google to develop an Android device built around the Tegra chip. However, this solution needs to mature before becoming an alternative for the growing smartbook market.


Mr. Rayfiled also commented on recent reports according to which Microsoft has selected NVIDIA's Tegra platform for its much anticipated Zune media player. According to him, NVIDIA cannot officially confirm anything before Microsoft takes the wraps off its much-hyped Zune. Still, there was a confirmation that the Redmond giant and NVIDIA's collaboration extended to the use of Tegra with Windows Mobile, which just adds more fuel to the already burning fire.

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