Windows Boss Confirms the PC Industry Disappoints Microsoft

The lack of Windows 8 devices is not at all pleasing the Redmond-based technology firm

Tami Reller, one of the two women who are now in charge of the Windows division, said during a tech conference this week that Microsoft had managed to sell a total of 40 million Windows 8 copies so far, thus putting an end to rumors claiming the new OS has the same fate as Vista.

Reller, however, has also talked about the PC industry, the one which, according to sources familiar with the matter, has disappointed Microsoft because of the lack of devices running the new Windows 8.

Two weeks ago, it has emerged that Windows 8 had failed to meet internal sales projections, with Steve Ballmer and the other Redmond executives blaming the hardware market for their slow response on Windows 8’s launch.

Basically, Microsoft’s officials claimed that users’ options have been pretty limited when it comes to Windows 8 devices and, consequently, sales of the new OS are yet to take off.

Tami Reller suggested in her speech that, while Microsoft’s OEM partners had managed to bring some new devices on the market, some of them had actually failed to meet Microsoft’s expectations.

“If you go into retail today, you will see some great touch devices, whether it's touch laptops, or whether it's a tablet or two with Windows 8 or Windows RT. It's not enough in our opinion. I mean, we think the pipeline is great, and we're excited to see that pipeline come into retail,” she said. (emphasis ours)

“And they are coming. And so our OEMs are doing great work, and we'll see that come in over the next several months. Some you'll see in December, some it will take longer. But I think it's good, but not great in terms of the full touch assortment,” Reller continued. (again, emphasis ours)

The PC industry is projected to post a significant recovery in 2013, so Microsoft expects sales of the new Windows 8 to record a major boost next year, as sales of the two industry sectors go hand in hand.

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