Windows Blue Public Beta Very Likely to Be Released in June

Microsoft has finally confirmed the Blue designation for its next OS upgrade

It’s not a secret anymore that Microsoft is working on Windows Blue, a critical upgrade for Windows 8 users, but the company remains completely tight-lipped on the official release dates.

While it did say in a blog post that its new “set of plans” is internally codenamed Blue, Microsoft refused to provide any other details, leaving us with the initial rumors pointing to an August 2013 launch.

Sources familiar with the matter previously indicated that Blue should surface sometime this summer, while a public beta of the operating system could be released in June, only two months before the stable build.

The decision seems to make sense, as Microsoft doesn’t want to waste too much time with preview versions and would rather bring the final edition to the market as soon as possible. The company has reportedly reached the first of the two development milestones, so Windows Blue is halfway here.

Another indication that a public beta of Blue could be released in June is the BUILD conference that Microsoft will host in San Francisco. The event will take place between 26-28 June, so it would be quite a great occasion for the Redmond-based technology giant to get closer to developers and discuss Blue.

A Windows Blue build got leaked a few days ago and, even though this may suggest that we’re a lot closer to the official launch of the product than we’d be tempted to believe, we’re not.

The ISO that’s currently available for download on file sharing websites is actually the Milestone 1 build supposed to be tested by partners before Microsoft’s engineers reach the second and the final development stage.

The surprising thing is that Microsoft still tries to keep everything secret, even though it’s pretty obvious that the entire market needs a major Windows 8 overhaul as soon as possible.

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