Windows Blue Leaked: Desktop, RT and Server Versions on Their Way

Microsoft is reportedly working on several flavors of Blue

Windows Blue got leaked on the Internet yesterday but, aside from the visual improvements we can all see after installing it, the Windows 8 facelift is also hiding some very important enhancements.

Stephen Chapman of MSFTKitchen looked into several system files included in Windows Blue and discovered that Microsoft is preparing several versions of the operating system, one of which is designed for RT tablets.

According to Stephen’s post, Microsoft is readying 7 different versions of Windows Blue, as follows: RT, Personal, Professional, Standard Server, Enterprise Server, Datacenter Server and Web Server.

As you can see, Windows Phone Blue is missing for the time being, but only because it is rumored that development on this particular version is a bit behind all the other projects, so its unveiling could take place at a later time.

While there’s no indication for the release date, sources familiar with the matter previously hinted that Windows Blue could see daylight sometime this summer, most likely in August.

If this is true, expect the first beta of the operating system to surface in June, as Microsoft is planning to release just a single preview flavor two months before the public debut of the new Blue.

As for the price, the Redmond-based technology giant is reportedly looking into a freeware license, especially because Blue would come as a major upgrade for Windows 8 users.

More like a service pack for Windows 8, Blue would bring several improvements to the current Windows contraption and support the transition to the upcoming Windows 9 due in November 2014.

Even though there’s so much information on Windows Blue on the Internet these days, Microsoft prefers to remain tight-lipped on this subject, but this could actually be an indication that there’s some truth behind all these rumors.

Expect a word from Microsoft on Windows Blue anytime soon, especially since we’re getting very close to the rumored launch of the public beta.

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