Windows Azure Code Samples Available for Download

Microsoft traditionally makes available a variety of resources designed to streamline development of applications for its platform, with Windows Azure making no exception to this rule.

In addition to the software development kit (SDK) offered by the Redmond company, devs building projects for its Cloud platform can also access a number of samples via the Microsoft Download Center.

“Windows Azure Architecture Guide – Part 1 – Code Samples” and "Developing Applications for the Cloud - Part 2 - Code Samples" are up for grabs, free of charge, from the software giant.

However, the two resources have different purposes, according to the description provided by Microsoft.

“These samples illustrate the steps towards migration of a typical application built with .NET to the Windows Azure platform,” the company revealed for Windows Azure Architecture Guide – Part 1.

“To check for software prerequisites needed to run the samples, run CheckDependencies.cmd in the sample scenarios folder once all content is extracted to your local file system".

“This batch file launches a dependency checking tool that reports any components that are missing in your system, and it provides links if needed for obtaining, installing and configuring the missing components. Not all of samples require the same components to run,” the software giant explained.

Essentially, developers will get no less than four samples. The resource is designed to help customers take an on-premises application into the Cloud, and optimize it following the migration to Windows Azure.

With the “Developing Applications for the Cloud – Code Samples,” the focus is placed on creating a new application tailored to Windows Azure from the get go.

“The samples are packaged as a self-extractable zip file. When run, you'll have to accept the End User Licensing Agreement to proceed,” Microsoft explained.

“After accepting the license, files will be extracted to chosen destination. The samples will require Windows Identity Foundation and IIS7 to work. You can use the "CheckDependencies" command batch file to identify potential missing components in your system".

“Running CheckDependencies command batch file is optional. It is not an installer.”

The Windows Azure Software Development Kit (June 2010) Refreshed on September 1, 2010 is available for download here.

Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio is available for download here.

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