Windows 9 and Windows Blue Dubbed Microsoft’s Only Hope

They are both playing a key role for Microsoft’s future, analysts believe

Even though Microsoft is yet to issue an official statement on Windows 9 or Windows Blue, sources close to the matter claim that the company is currently working on both of them, with the latter to launch as soon as this year.

Since Windows 8 is yet to excite and so many customers are complaining about its performance and the Metro UI, both Windows 9 and Windows Blue are playing a key role for Microsoft’s future, as they’re expected to pack significant changes that could convince users to upgrade.

Windows Blue is projected to hit the shelves sometime this year and Microsoft is reportedly planning to make you an offer you can’t really decline. Windows Blue could be offered either for free or with a very low price tag, which is more like an open invitation for everyone to dump previous Windows contraptions and move to this new one.

Of course, it’ll comprise plenty of improvements, but it may seem like a Start button won’t be included, so the company will continue to promote the Start Screen.

Windows 9, on the other hand, is very likely to be the main choice for enterprises, an analyst believes, mostly because they would skip the migration to Windows 8.

The reason is pretty simple and makes sense: most of them have moved to Windows 7 recently, so deploying a new operating system would create additional costs and would require extra training.

While Windows Blue is expected to be the first major upgrade for Windows 8, Windows 9 is likely to be the next standalone Windows contraption, but both of them will undoubtedly include a significant number of changes.

As usual, Microsoft doesn’t want to comment on these two new projects and although it did mention that the Start button wouldn’t be brought back, this kind of decision can easily change based on customer reaction.

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