Windows 9 Might Arrive a Little Bit Too Late, Analyst Explains

The next full Windows release is expected in early 2015

Windows 9 is expected to be the next full version of Windows that could see daylight in early 2015, so everybody expects quite a lot of improvements supposed to address many of the complaints made by disappointed Windows 8 users.

But as far as analysts are concerned, Windows 9 might arrive a little bit too late, as Microsoft needs to urgently tackle all these issues. Analyst firm Canalys explained that Redmond could lose the race with other platforms in case the company doesn’t act as quickly as possible.

“With Windows 9 reported to be scheduled for an April 2015 release, Microsoft risks losing momentum unless it does something drastic to turn its Windows business around,” the company explained in a note.

At the same time, the analyst warns that Microsoft’s Windows is now competing against some new rivals, including Google’s very own Chromebooks that are posting increased demand these days.

“Consumers are becoming more open to Windows alternatives, and Google’s low-cost options are reaping the rewards,” said Pin Chen Tang, Research Analyst. “Android is now the most popular OS in the tablet segment and PC vendors are showing a keen interest in Chromebooks, which are carving out a niche, especially in the education sector.”

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft tries to blast Google’s Chromebooks with every single occasion, so the company has rolled out several Windows ads until now to state that this particular product “is not a real laptop” because it cannot run Office or traditional Windows applications.

Of course, Redmond hopes everyone will switch to Windows devices, especially because both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are yet to excite and boost the recovery of the ever-collapsing PC market.

As far as Windows 9 is concerned, people familiar with the matter hinted that it could bring several important changes, including a Start Menu that could make the operating system a bit more user-friendly than the modern Windows 8.

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