Windows 9 Is Coming: Full Version of IE11, Improved Touch Support

More information on the Windows 9 OS emerged this week

Even though Windows 8 is still a new operating system, Microsoft is reportedly working on two different successors, one of which is expected to be released as soon as this summer.

While Windows Blue is rumored to be just a Windows 8 upgrade, Windows 9 is the next full operating system coming from Microsoft.

According to insiders, Windows 9 is very likely to hit the shelves in November 2014 as a stable product, while the first beta could see daylight in January.

This week, some new job ads published by Microsoft revealed that Windows 9 might be equipped with Internet Explorer 11, the next version of the browser developed by the Redmond-based technology giant.

While Windows Blue is also believed to bring the first build of Internet Explorer 11, most likely a beta version, chances are that Windows 9 will actually pack the stable release of the app.

In addition, Microsoft is apparently planning to improve the touch support in Windows 9, so the operating system is expected to come with a tablet version as well. A mobile phone version of the software is also in the works, according to sources familiar with the matter.

“We utilize cutting edge technologies across the stack from Bing metro application development using WinJS and HTML5, innovative features in IE10 such as flip ahead and much more! The team will be constantly delivering great products in areas including Windows 9, IE11 services integration, touch friendly devices including iPad and more,” the job opening published by Microsoft reads.

As usual, keep in mind that these are all rumors, so we should take them with a grain of salt, at least until Microsoft says something official about Windows 9.

Truth is, the company most likely uses these job openings to show us that Windows 9 is already in the works, while it officially remains tight-lipped on the project.

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