Windows 9 Is Coming: Free Upgrade, More Evidence Courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft has already started work on the next Windows 8 contraption

Even though Microsoft has only recently launched Windows 8 and all eyes are set on the Windows Blue upgrade coming this summer, sources familiar with the matter have indicated that Windows 9 is already in development, so it might arrive as soon as next year.

This week, the Redmond-based technology giant officially announced that Windows Phone 8 would be discontinued in July 2014, without providing any other information on what was going to happen next.

Insiders have previously revealed that Windows 9 is very likely to come with a phone version too, so this could actually be an indication that Microsoft might release it next year, just after Windows Phone 8 is retired.

The company hasn't said a thing about Windows 9, but several job openings published on its Careers website have confirmed that phone upgrades are also expected.

For example, one of the job ads has explained that Microsoft is looking for a “software test engineer in the Windows Phone Test Services Team currently testing Windows 9 OS on Nokia, HTC and Qualcomm devices.”

While Windows 9 is still an enigma for all of us, everything seems to be a lot simpler for a Chinese retailer who has already announced that it will offer free upgrades to this new operating system to all users who purchase a Windows 8 license.

Purcell School Pioneer has launched a new campaign on its website, revealing that users who buy Windows 8 and get a yearly subscription plan are eligible for a Windows 9 upgrade when Microsoft officially brings it to the market.

As for the release date, it's not yet clear whether Microsoft plans to make Windows 9 public next year or not, but if we are to trust the existing rumors, a November 2014 launch event is very likely.

In addition, we've heard that a public beta of Windows 9 could be unveiled in January 2014, just to give users the necessary time to try out the new Windows contraption and help the company improve the platform and fix any spotted bugs.

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