Windows 9 Feature List

Here’s a list with what’s to come in the next full Windows release

Windows 9 is one highly anticipated product prepared by Microsoft, especially after Windows 8 failed to take off in market share and adoption across the world, so it’s no surprise that so many rumors are swirling around these days.

Microsoft hasn’t talked too much about Windows 9, aside from a simple confirmation that “we’re working on the next version of Windows,” so the feature lineup of the operating system that’s expected to be a game-changer for Microsoft is yet to be disclosed.

Just like it usually happens with Microsoft’s new projects, sources close to the matter offered more or less plausible rumors that could at least tease some of the improvements to be made to Windows 9, including some changes to the UI and new features.

Starting today, this is the place to look for new features in Windows 9 and rumors pointing to the changes that Microsoft is considering for this particular operating system. We’re going to update this article as new features are being rumored or speculated, so every time we’re hearing about something that could be part of Windows 9, new entries are added to the list below.

Keep in mind however that all features presented here are, at the time of writing this article, still in the rumor stage, so they might not make the cut until Windows 9 hits the shelves. We will however add a “confirmed” tag next to each line whenever Microsoft publicly talks about Windows 9 and confirms something we didn’t know about the operating system.

Very likely

• Desktop version of Cortana (currently in alpha stage, exists in testing builds of Windows 9)

• Start menu (announced by Microsoft in April 2014 at BUILD)


• Metro apps on the desktop in dedicated windows (announced by Microsoft in April 2014 at BUILD)


• Charms bar removed completely on PC versions of Windows 9

• Internet Explorer 12

• Start screen removed from PC

• Desktop removed from ARM tablets

• Redesigned desktop icons

• Flatter look

• New activation system to fight piracy

• Updates for Bing apps offered in the Modern UI

Very unlikely

• Taskbar clock moved or at least updated with new options to allow users to move it to a new location

• Freeware license for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 users to boost adoption of Windows 9

• Android apps running on tablet versions of Windows 9

• Interactive live tiles thanks to a new concept developed by the Microsoft Research unit

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