Windows 9 Design Features a Start Menu, Moves Taskbar at the Top of the Screen

A new concept changes the look of the desktop completely

Windows 9 is very likely to make its debut in early 2015 and while Microsoft remains completely tight-lipped on the subject, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t get to see some potential designs of the upcoming operating system.

Designers across the world are using the information we have at this point to create concepts imagining Windows 9 and even though some have very slight chances to see daylight, they’re still making users dream about a major makeover of the next Windows version.

This new concept belonging to p0isonParadise is giving a complete overhaul to the desktop not only by bringing back the Start button and the Start Menu, but also by moving the taskbar to the top of the screen, thus making some people think about Linux or Mac OS X.

While such a change could actually make Windows even more confusing, the designer also added a new logon screen “reimagined for more simplicity and light colors,” as well as a notification bar and new transparent buttons.

The welcome center which has been around for years is back in this Windows 9 concept, while your favorite programs can be easily added to the “Favorites” menu list of the Start Menu.

As said, such a dramatic change is very unlikely in Windows 9, especially because Microsoft is struggling to make the operating system much more user-friendly and revert some of its past decisions, such as the removal of the Start Menu.

Existing rumors are pointing out that Windows 9 could debut in April 2015, with work to begin in just a couple of months. The Start Menu could indeed be brought back in Windows 9, along with options to run Metro apps right on the desktop in their very own separate windows.


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