Windows 9 Could Kill Metro Completely, Unify Tablet, Mobile OSes – Report

Microsoft might developed a single version of its OS aimed at tablets and mobile phones

The launch of Windows 8.1 is just around the corner, but new information on Windows 9, the next full major Windows release, has reached the web today.

It appears that Microsoft could use the upcoming version of its software to unify the two mobile operating systems it currently supports, so tablets and mobile phones could be powered by the same software.

A report by claims that Microsoft’s recently announced reorganization represented one step forward towards a unique operating system that could be installed on both mobile phones and tablets released next year.

Even though it sounds fairly impossible, word is that Microsoft could even abandon the Metro UI in the next Windows Phone version, or at least get a major redesign that would make it more user-friendly.

A group to take care of such a project has already been formed within Microsoft, but the company is yet to publicly comment on this subject.

As far as Windows 9 is concerned, the only thing we know is that Microsoft plans to launch it next year, with November 2014 very likely to witness the public launch of the operating system.

According to a leaked release schedule, the new operating system is set to hit the beta stage sometime in January next year, while RTM is expected to be announced during the summer.

Just like 8.1, the upcoming Windows 9 is going to represent a major improvement for all platforms running Windows, including tablets and mobile phones.

If Microsoft indeed decided to merge the two platforms and release just a single operating system that could be installed on tablets and mobile phones alike, it would definitely be a major improvement for the Surface device. Web connectivity on the go and many other enhancements are very likely to be included in case this plan gets the green light.

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