Windows 9 Concept Revamps the Start Screen

Here is another concept created by Mark Newton and envisioning a new version of Windows

Windows 9 is said to be the next major Windows release prepared by Microsoft for both desktop computers and tablets, so it’s only natural to expect some major changes in terms of looks and performance.

Since Microsoft remains completely tight-lipped on what to expect from Windows 9, designers across the world envision some of the upcoming features in concepts based on existing speculation.

This is the case of a new concept created by Mark Newton and imagining the way the Start screen might look like in Windows 9, as the software giant is believed to be paying quite a lot of attention to the Modern UI in the next operating system.

As you can see for yourselves in the adjacent photo, the Start screen would no longer take over the entire screen, but also be displayed alongside the taskbar, which basically makes it more usable for those sticking to the desktop.

At the same time, Metro apps can be pinned to the taskbar, in another attempt of the Redmond-based company to convince users to give Metro another chance.

Even though nothing has been confirmed so far, people close to the development process have hinted that Microsoft is working to return the Start Menu in Windows 9, which would be another step towards a reconciliation with users disappointed by the removal of this feature in Windows 8.

The Windows 9 Start Menu, on the other hand, won’t look exactly the same with the one offered to Windows 7 users, but it would rely on a simpler design that would only provide quick access to installed apps.

What’s more, Microsoft is also believed to be working to bring Modern apps on the desktop and allow users to launch them in their very own windows, just like it’s the case with traditional software.

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